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Capping machines

MG-PLAS/PP Capper.

This has an automated rotating capping tower that is suitable for the application of pre-threaded flat-screw plastic caps and sport caps applied to PET and glass bottles (with personalised configurations).

The "tower" capper is integrated into a basic model filling machine (available as a single unit), it can be supplied with between 4 and 36 heads and has a maximum speed of 86.400 bph.
The basic machine uses a specific type and format of cap and bottle (see specifications)

All other configurations and accessories are optional and separate quotes are available.

General details
The capping machine shown applies pre-threaded, plastic caps on FLACONI, it has a carousel system that rotates around a central axis in which each capper comprises an upper section (with piston and chuck) and a lower section (bottle guide and support)

The magnetic clutch chucks move on two planes; a rotational one around its own axis and a lateral one controlled by a cam. During the rotation of the capping machine, the combination of these two movements means that the magnetic clutch chucks take the plastic caps, one at a time, from the distribution system and fit them to the bottles, tighten them and release the bottle before beginning the cycle again.

The tower was designed and built with the following objectives:

    −    simple schematics and structure;
    −    reliability and durability of its components;
    −    ease of use, adjustment and maintenance;
    −    high levels of performance in terms of; time it takes to build a unit and constant torque settings.

The result is a compact and reliable machine with a simple interface for its user.

The capping pistons are “quick release” and so can be replaced rapidly and easily since the entire piston, fitting chuck and anti rotation device are a single unit that can be released by unscrewing 4/5 allen screws as shown in the photograph. They are made of tempered steel alloys of a size that ensures they are robust and compact.

Even in the basic model there is considerable amount of stainless steel with the cam that controls the linear movement of the capping pistons being made of tempered steel to guarantee a long working life.


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